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Help! Estimating Start-up costs

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  • Help! Estimating Start-up costs

    Hello all!

    I really need some ballpark figures!! I'm struggling to estimate my start-up costs :/

    What is your monthly cost for grooming around 10-20 dogs a day in:
    credit card?
    rent & sq ft?

    Any advice would really help me budget

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    You are asking for figures that may vary wildly by area of the country and even areas of a city.

    Electricity, shampoo, water and credit cards are not usually huge costs - rent may be, depending on where you are, so you have to assess that for the area you are looking at by making actual inquiries. The figure could easily range from $300 - $3000 or more for rent, depending on the size of the space you intend to use and where you are looking.

    10-20 dogs per day would cost me my health, and would NOT be considered - by me - a "startup" figure, but perhaps you have a specific plan in mind where that WOULD be a startup.


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      I'm confussed by the question. Your start up electric, water, cc, etc. is going to be small unless you already have a client base of 10-20 dogs a day you need to think smaller. Your main expense will be rent of course and the utility bills will grow as the business grows.

      You can call your electric company and tell them your thinking about starting a business and they will let you know how they charge...X amount of money for X amount of kilowat then you can compare to your home usage and get a good idea. That's what I did anyway and it gave me a vague idea of what to expect. In my case electric for a business was almost twice the cost of residential use. Plus the deposit was a whopping $450.