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    In an attempt to limit myself to our local supplier to save on shipping (+ WB!, hehe)... now that everyone's getting their DOuble K samples for the contest (and for those who use their shampoos regularly). Which shampoos are your favorite? We use Grimenator now for kennel baths, and I'm thinking Dynamic Duo to replace our NS's Plum Silky. What's the scent?
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    At our shop we use the mela-oatmeal as our shampoo and the solution is our conditioner. The oatmella smells yummy and makes the whole shop smell great. We also use others, grimeinator included, but the oatmella is the best. Nice soft and fluffy, and I swaer it helps with mats (without the solution added)


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      I love Ultimate! It suds well, it cleans pretty well, and it smells good. It has a kind of fruity smell. We used NS Lav-n-derm as our basic shampoo for a long time, and we decided to try Ultimate, and a lot of the clients really liked it. A lot of them noticed that the dogs seemed to stay cleaner longer, and the smell lasted longer. Plus it's 50:1, so it's very economical.


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        I like ultimate,and also grimeinator for the real grubby guys. Ultimate is very nice on good coats.I like the way the grimeinator seems to help really fillthy muddy areas loosen,and the dirt just starts clearing out fast.
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          We use ultimate on EVERYTHING. I have not had one customer say their dog was itchy, or they didn't like the smell, or anything since we started using it. We still have a hypo and an oatmeal shampoo for those who need it, but we are using those less and less now. Sometime it takes three shampoos if the dog is really greasy, but mostly it's wonderful. It says 50 to 1, but we probably get about 35-40 to one. But I realized, because it's a good sudsing shampoo, If I only fill my dispensing bottle about 1/4 to 1/3 full of the diluted shampoo, and shake it until it's all foam, and use the foam, the bottle of foam goes almost as far as filling the bottle and using in liquid form. (usuing the foam doesn't work as well on the big hairy dogs, but for the average dog it's great)

          So One bottle of ultimate is now lasting me almost 2 MONTHS! Not to mention it's natural, and enviromentally friendly.

          We use the Solution conditioner, which I like, but I'm finding it hard to mix. It's SOOO thick. But we use it as a leave in, so we aren't mixing it very often cause it goes really far as a leave in.


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            I like the "Midnight White" mint fragrance shampoo. I LOVE "Grimenator" for greasy Cockers. I use about an ounce per gallon and it does a BANG up job! I have a rough time making the "Solution" conditioner thin enough. Have I mentioned I hate "Unleashed" cologne? LOL!
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              I use Alpha White & Midnight. I like them both enough for everyday whiteners.

              I do really like Dynamic Duo. It's a great conditioning shampoo, even diluted as per label, lol!
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                I mostly use Ultimate and Oatmella. I hate the almond icing smell of the Desert Almond but its a great shampoo and doesnt smell bad after the dogs are dry. The Solution is great and I find it easy to mix. I just put some into a jug, add warm water and whisk it for 30 seconds. I also like the one that has the cedar oil, its really good for itchy dogs.