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    I'm looking for natural shampoo and the best. I have used Bobbi Panter and love the flea and tick. That one is 20:1 mixing. i have also used Aroma Care, which is 32:1. So I want to know what other natural shampoos are out there, how well you like them and what they mix.
    Thank you for reading and your help.

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    I really don't like Bobbi Panter...they don't really lather or clean well, and, from what I could tell, the shampoos don't do what they promise.

    Nature's Specialty and Evirogroom are much better brands. I THINK I read something around here too that EZ Groom is all natural (I'm not sure though) and that brand rocks!
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      Thank you. I'm looking into Envirogrooming and I really like what I'm reading on it. Thank you so much! This helps out a lot. Bobbi Panter smells nice, but like you said doesn't really clean the dog. Her Flea & Tick works really well. I had this cocker that was load with fleas & ticks and I washed him in it and after that i was picking dead ones off. I think I'm going to try Envirogrooming. Thank you again!


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        Thank you so much. I'm looking into Envirogrooming and like what i'm reading about it. I think I'm going to try it. Thank you again!!


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          natural shampoo

          I use Bark 2 Basics.They have 1 that is 32 to 1 .Love them They smell good and are good shampoos.They have a new set of shampoo that are call GreenGroom,all natural,the bottles made from recyled ones great deals too.
          They are Groomer Chopice products
          they will send you free shamples.


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            Keep in mind that there are a LOT of shampoo lines that are "natural", and that doesn't really mean a whole lot. "Natural" doesn't mean it's safe or better than any shampoo that's not "natural". For the most part it's used as an advertising gimick to get you to buy their shampoo instead of the other guys.

            Also keep in mind that there are a lot of natural things that are entirely not safe. Poison ivy, tobaccoo, and hemlock are all natural. Some of the ingredients in natural shampoos and conditioners are known to be common allergens. Aloe vera is one of them, oatmeal is another. Others are fine for dogs but can kill cats.

            If you want to go "natural" by all means do so. But don't be lulled into thinking you're buying a superior product just because it's all natural. It may be. But it just as easily may not be.


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              Years ago I groomed a Bichon, the dog had real bad skin from allergies, so the owner and vet decided oatmeal shampoo was the way to go. This went on for years, so finally the owner decided to do allergy testing at the dogs age of 10years. Guess what was at the top of the list.....yup....oatmeal. So all those years we were making the dog miserable, poor baby. I didn't know about aloe, there's a lot of products with that in it......hmmm.


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                Thank you all. I do see what you mean about natural. I'm also talking with my vet about natural shampoos and what to watch out for. Thank you letting me know to be on the look out for the bad "natural" stuff.


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                  Choosing a shampoo

                  on the basis of "Natural" is going to be difficult, unless you do your homework AND if the shampoo lists the ingredients. Which many companies do not. Many companies list the "additives" that the've included. Marketing HYPE as it were. After all, ..."we are just uneducated groomers, and have no business knowing nor would we understand the ingredients in the shampoos, since we are not chemists..." hummm, this is how many companies view us.

                  If you are really wanting to make an educated choice, my first suggestion for you would be to pick up a copy of Barbara Bird's book "Beyond Suds and Scents" an eye opening informative look at what we as groomers, that make choices really need to know.

                  All natural, can mean many things. Also, what works for one, may not work for another in a different location or with different water. Case in own salon in AZ. We had a water softening system on our HW tank. We couldn't get a particular shampoo rinsed out of the dogs for nothing! They were gummy and always sticky, no matter how we diluted the shampoo or what we did. But every other shop around me swore by this shampoo! We couldn't use it!

                  Personally, I have used Bobbie Panter for years, love the Itchy Dog, OK with Charlie Dog, but don't care for the others...I also like Epi-pet, but it just does a number on my hands if I use it as marketed, way too strong! I prefer to use Thera-Neem, which is a soap alternative shampoo line. But it doesn't work for everyone. BUT...all of these have the ingredients disclosed! I also keep LP F&T for degreasing...yeah, even though the ingredients are not listed....

                  So you need to find what works for you...all "natural" is another marketing tool.


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                    You might look into the Show Season natural line. They are really nice and work well for different conditions/coat types.

                    OH, they disclose their ingredients too!


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                      Originally posted by neanea View Post
                      You might look into the Show Season natural line. They are really nice and work well for different conditions/coat types.

                      OH, they disclose their ingredients too!
                      Yes. I grilled them about they ingredients before I ordered. They were very up front and didn't dodge questions. Super, fantastic line.
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                        I am a fan of Quadruped. Especially the "All-in-One"... it can be mixed differently to be flea and tick, medicated, and it has a conditioner in it also (you can really tell that it does). Yucca is the main ingredient and it has healing properties as well as it softens the shells of fleas and ticks, killing them.



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                          yep the naturals line from show seasons is excellent, smells awesome!!!!