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which shampoo for BathMaster unit?

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  • which shampoo for BathMaster unit?

    Hello! This is my first post in a very long time, so bear with me if this subject has already been addressed.
    I've been using the BathMaster system for 3 years now and using a wide variety of shampoos that I like, but none of them are ready to use with the system; they are too thick. But when I dilute them(even just by half), they are too thin and get used up too quickly. I have played around with dilution rates but nothing seems to be ideal. I believe there is a brand (Bark2Basics?)which is suggested for the BathMaster but I don't know if it works any better or if it needs dilution. And I know there are little thingamajigs that can be put into the tubing to slow down the flow but I haven't figured out which color/size to use and what dilution rate works with those.
    Has anyone figured out the magic combination of shampoo brand, dilution, and use of the little restriction thingys????
    I know I am wasting shampoo, but it hurts my brain to figure out the perfect formula, so I've given up.
    Any suggestions are welcome!