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Shampoo for hair growth???

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  • Shampoo for hair growth???

    I have seen many shampoos out that are for dogs with skin problems and need some hair regrowth.

    But do they make some sort of shampoo, conditioner, or even a spray that can help a normal, healthy coat grow longer?

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    I have not tried it, but I have heard that Isle of Dogs Royal Jelly shampoo and coat supplement can help speed up growth.


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      i love royal jelly it is wonderful for aiding in brushout, and it is supposed to encourage hair growth. i have mainly used it on my poodle, but he is kind of a hair factory so i can't really say if it makes him grow more or not. i also like the 2 heal conditioner from their groomers line, you can dilute it however you see fit depending on the coat. i really like iod for special cases some of the products are costly but i do think they do a nice job, i can tell when i've used them.

      i think there is also a supplement that they sell if you really want the full effect.

      what kind of dog do you want it for?


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        If it is a skin problem, I use Iv San Bernard on my chihuahua. The Mineral H shampoo, Ph conditioner, and some sort of liquid I dab on his hairless areas. I can't remember what it's called off hand, but I can get it back to ya. The shampoo/condit balances his skin so that new hair won't fall out and the liquid encourages hair to grow. It's worked GREAT so far! Smells fantastic too.

        Depending on what the hair loss is caused by, I've also used O-Pana-Sub (from Cherrybrook) with Winner's Circle volumizing shampoo/condit with pretty good results on an Am cocker bitch who kept blowing her coat every time she came into season.
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          thanks for the replies.

          its for a sheltie 3 yrs old, healthy shiny GREAT coat... just not very long! i know its probably just genetics, but looking at his Champion parents you wouldnt think so. very heavy coats in his lines!


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            IMO, most of the time coat growth is directly related to nutrition. If this 3 yr old sheltie has a coat that is noticibly short and is out of CH parents with great coats, I would question the diet this dog is being fed. It takes protein and fat to grow coat, so if the dog is not getting a food that supports good coat growth on the inside, you will never grow coat, regardless of what you use on the outside.


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              I was thinking the same as swissnchow. You often have to focus on what is going inside the dog rather than what to use on the dog. Even if this dog is on a "good" diet, it might not be enough for what his body needs.

              With that being said, it wouldn't hurt to exfoliate him when you wash him by using sugar. Exfoliating gets rid of the dead skin and helps to stimulate and keep the skin (thus the coat) healthy.
              SheilaB from SC


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                Ditto to everything Swiss said. Plus certain nutrients like zinc and biotin. If you want a good coat, you have to grow it from the inside.

                However, sometimes it is just genetics. Even if both parents have great coats, there could be shorter coats a few generations back, and you just got the luck of the draw.

                My LH Dachshund, Whiz is like that. There's a smooth two generations back. And he was the "lucky" one who got the coat to prove it. His ears & tail are long, he has feathering on his legs, and he has fuzzy feet. But his body? Not much length here.


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                  Cherrybrook has that!

                  Yes, we carry O-Pana Sub creme and many other grooming products that keep hair moisturized, healthy and repair damage and prevent breakage.
                  We also have a large selection of healthy dog food and supplements to provide the proper nutrition for your dog to look their best. Health starts from the inside.
                  Cherrybrook carries a full line of show dog, grooming and pet supplies. We have a complete line of dog grooming supplies, shears, brushes and dog shampoos including Chris Christensen, Aesculap, Oster, Andis, Wahl and cat supplies too!


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                    sorry it took so long for me to reply

                    Ruckus (she short coated sheltie) eats a grain free food.

                    I do not know if this is related but he has HORRIBLE paw pad cracks too. he always has had them. finally they heal, and then start up again.


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                      They might need to change the protein source of his food and/or add an omega oil. They can buy hoof cream or bagbalm type rubs at a farm store to massage into his feet daily to see if that helps w/the bad cracks.
                      SheilaB from SC