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EBay grooming bows?

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  • EBay grooming bows?

    I order Bardel bows for my grooming clients, but I am thinking of ordering bulk lots of 100 grooming bows from Ebay for the kennel's bath clients. I have tried to teach the girls to make bows, but they usually look pretty terrible, and truly, they don't have the time to make them. I can get 100 bows on Ebay for < $20, and maybe hot glue some "centers" to them to spruce them up. Anybody ever order grooming bows on Ebay or have a favorite seller they can recommend? Thanks!
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    Please remember no eBay links here on the board. We have had members ripped off by eBay links here in the past, and they then lay the fault on me as well. No way we are going through that stuff by providing links to items or sellers here. I don't have time for the accusations, and the same policy for CL links. A couple years ago we had a rash of CL ripoffs with links here as well and who do they get upset at, There is no way we have the time to verify sellers!!

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      Oopsie sorry. I don't "do" ebay or CL (barely do the computer, )

      I guess I'll just settle for being the trailblazeris-ignoramous for the next person that tries to post a naughty link here.

      (Does this result in a "note in my file"? Is there even any room left in my "file"? )
      Often it's not what you say, but how you say it.


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        It goes on your [deep booming echoing voice] PERMANENT RECORD!!!

        Stephen: No we leave permanent records to the government. smile
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          You might want to check out Kings Wholesale. They often have great deals and I had purchases bags of 100 bows for as little as $4. Of course it always depends on what sales they are running.
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            I use a seller I found on EBay years ago. She's really good. The bows are well made. And, they last. Several of my clients keep their bows and reuse them. They've commented on how they hold up. But, they are not the stiff, topknot bows. They are the satin bows.

            She puts different centers on them: flowers, gems, little plastic designs, plain... And, she's honestly CHEAP. I have used her for several years now.

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