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    Today when I was out grooming I went to get out a bandanna and luckily I had one. I didn't realize I had dwindled my supply of bandannas for girl grooms down to nothing. I have been so buried lately that it was the last thing on my mind.

    So tonight I pull out my fabrics to make some more and the material had fold creases in them from sitting in my storage drawers. I had to iron the fabric first and then cut them out. Does anyone else do this? Maybe I'm just being anal, but I like them to be crisp.

    I also want to ask how do you all keep your bandannas sorted and stored. I'm in a mobile so I put mine in size order in a cabinet. Not sure if that is the best way or not.

    Lastly how do you recommend they be cut? I learned to fold the material into make a square then fold the square into a triangle, cut along the triangle fold and then continue to found the larger triangle into a smaller triangle and continue to cut along the triangle folds to create small, medium and large triangles. It works well for me, but I watched a video on here and someone did it completely different Not sure why or what the benefits were, but they appeared to be a long slender bandanna when they finished.

    I know it sounds funny, but I find making bandannas fun and theraputic. I know I'm weird.

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    If ironing bandanas makes you anal, then slide over 'cause you have company! I press and spray starch my bandanas to keep them crisp. I have a pattern that I use to cut my bandanas out. Cut the big square out, then cut it in 1/2 then cut the 1/2 in 1/2 again. (did that make sense?)That makes the perfect size bandanas for small/med dogs. I also found a zigzag roll cutter that makes cutting bandanas a breeze and saves my hands from cramping up from using those scissors. It rolls like a pizza cutter. Found it at Jo-Ann's. I also got a cutting mat to cut the material on so I dont damage my blade or the table I am cutting on. I used to do boy & girl bandanas, but I got tired of trying to make sure I had the right one on the right dog, so now I do unisex colors and prints. Sometimes I will get a floral print and try to be sure only the girls get the floral, but I tend to stick with unisex prints and colors.