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Where's the Gold Medal?

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  • Where's the Gold Medal?

    I really love using the Gold Medal Whitening shampoo, but I cant find it in the 1gallon anywhere anymore. Any suggestions on where to look? Also...

    I cant decide if I'm going to use BioGroom or Groomers Edge shampoos, or if I should just use both, what do you guys think? I also want to try the Show Seasons shampoos that I've heard so much, but where do I find it?

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    Show Seasons

    Just my opinion, but once you try Show Seasons, you won't want those other two shampoos. You can find them at They have great products and great customer service.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      Or try Why Bitch, they're a sponsor and she'll send you a free sample, guaranteed you'll be hooked!
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