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    Can anyone recommend a product that might help me to get poodle and bicon coats straight? Or any tips in general? Thanks!

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    A good dryer; first you can HV the dogs coat to begin to dry it from the skin out to the tips of the hair, then you have to use a stand dryer and brush the coat straight out. It is the only way...lots of arm motion to get that lovley straight coat need ed to achieve the look!



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      Do you know?

      Straightening curly coats is NOT the same as straightening human hair. So you don't use products that work to make the coat limp or relaxed. I don't use conditioners on such coats, just good quality shampoos.

      You actually want products that give body, AND the most important thing is drying technique. If you haven't learned the drying technique for such dogs, you need to get some info, maybe Jodi Murphy, maybe some youtube videos, etc. Others here can direct you to some good info.

      It is not the same as drying straight coats, as you have found out. You can also use some products that help give body, like Alpha White, Isle of Dog "Stand" shampoo, etc. I actually use Bio Groom Super White for most fuzzy dogs of any color, because it is tearless AND it is not a "softening" shampoo.


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        I have found that Show Seasons Results Rinse really helps with fluff drying. There are directions right on the bottle on how to use it for that purpose. I also use it for terrier coats to help crispen the coat. It is unlike any other product I have tried and I love it. Also cuts down on drying time.
        Of course proper drying techniques are key, but even with that I've had a few dogs that I just couldn't get as straight as I wanted until I started using the Results Rinse. I use the HV to get the dog mostly dry, then use a dryer with a little heat to finish while brushing. Works great.
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          I use the HV nozzle held

          under my right arm directing the warm air on the fur and brush. I have used stand dryers but in the rig it doesn't fit well, and the heating coil uses too much power. Hvs heat up by the motor which is safer. Stand dryers work beautifully, I admit. I get them straight and ready for my snap ons and scissors. Heres' my happy Bichon icon


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            I figured you guys would tell me that lol. I did my first St Poo yesterday and after 2 hours of drying and brushing I wake up today unable to move my arm. I am in so much pain I had to cancel my appts today. I was hoping you would tell me there was an easier way lol. I use the B3 why bitch on those coats and no conditioner. I used both the HV and then the stand dryer so I guess I really do just need to practice and dry dry dry lol. What a beautiful dog to groom though!


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              Pampered, you should really look into getting Jody Murphy's "Straight From the Tub" DVD. I think that the She shows really good time saving, body saving techniques on how to properly bathe and dry dogs. It shows different ways of using your HV, what the different nozzles are for....etc etc. I'd been grooming for 20+ when I watched it and I learned from it!

              One of the products that I love for my Bishons, CC Thick n Thicker gel. It really helps to get the kinks out and set the coat nicely for the finish.
              SheilaB from SC


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                Thanks Sheila,
                Is there a difference or one that is better between the thick and thicker foam, spray and gel?


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                  I prefer to use the gel as it is one simple step and works very well on thick, curly coats to help stretch dry and set the coat. I have the TnT hairspray (which I rarely use) and TnT thickening coat spray as well (can't remember the exact name). The thickening coat spray I mainly use after the dog is fluffed to either add a bit more body or to help get rid of any kinks or curls that I missed when stretch drying. The hairspray I mostly just use to help hold the hair in place on banded topknots. I find that I use the gel the most....I need to order some more as I am scraping the bottom!

                  I also have a bottle of the foaming stuff. It's works really well on whimpy coated dogs that you want to give a little "ooomph" to. It is a little more involved though as you apply on clean dog while he is still in the tub. You then massage it in for several minutes before you rinse and then you HAVE to follow up w/AfterBath conditioner to get rid of the tacky residue and the stink. The foaming stuff IMO smells HORRIBLE, STINKEY, POO it does work great. I honestly thought my bottle was rotten and was going to send it back till I had a groomer friend that uses it regularly sniff it and inform me thats how its supposed to
                  SheilaB from SC