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Need ideas to remedy fluffy spay coat

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  • Need ideas to remedy fluffy spay coat

    Some of my longhair dachsies get really fluffy coats after they're spayed or neutered. My beautiful little Klover who finished her championship a year ago had to be spayed this summer due to a pyometra. Her once gorgeous silky mahogany coat is now a fluffy dry looking mess. I also have a neutered male with the same problem, just not as bad.

    She's on excellent food, and also gets salmon oil every day.

    Does anybody have any recommendations on a product to at least make her coat look half way decent? I strip out what I can, but it doesn't help with the overall texture. Will a hot-oil treatment help at all? I haven't done that yet. If so, any ideas on brand? The shampoos, conditioners and sprays I have don't seem to help her coat, but do a great job on the others.

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    Unfortunately in my experience with my borzoi, there is nothing to replace those hormones they lose when spayed or neutered. I now have Belgian Tervurens and everyone I have spoken with say this breed will get wooly coats too if neutered.
    Lisa VanVleet, RVT


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      I have also...

      Heard the same thing about Cavs when they are spayed/neutered. Some of them seem to keep the correct coat, but many get thicker/softer.