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  • Best Shot Ultra Max

    I just wanted to say that I love Best Shot's new set, shampoo, conditioner & finishing spray. Ultra Max is awesome. It works on almost every coat condition, shedding, matted, helps speed up drying etc. I was given some as a prize for winning a small grooming contest back in Oct. I forgot about it & tried it this month. It does have a somewhat strong smell but for me its a nice sweet fruity smell that is really nice in my grooming van. It says it works on degreasing too but I haven't tried that yet. In the last 2 wks here is what I have used it on that showed a big difference.

    1. I tried it on 2 Aussies that were shedding but in good condition. I barely had to brush them after I was done drying them, all the shedding came out, talk about hair storm. They were new so I didn't know about speed. Their black coats were very shinny

    2. I did a Pom in 45 mins, the last time I had done him it took me an hr.

    3. Did 2 Yorkies but they were in short coat. Done 15 mins faster.

    4. Did 2 Bishon mixes that play with Labs all day, normally water turns muddy & some matting. Takes me 2hrs each. With this shampoo, they cleaned very nicely with just 2 shampoo's rather then 3. They dried really quick & even the mats brushed out nicely. Done in 1.5hrs each.

    5. Did 2 Westies, one with allergies so I could only put the conditioner on the matted areas & the finishing spray just on the legs & skirting. The other one without allergies I did all 3 steps. Both brushed out in less then 5 mins each which normally would have taken me 10 mins or more. Saved a lot of coat & the dogs didn't act like it was hurting like before. Had these dogs done in 1hr & 5 mins due to matting. Owner normally calls if there is any allergy issues & she didn't call. So assuming all is good & no issue with the shampoo etc. They had a sparkle to their white coats.

    6. Did a mini Poodle with some little mats, they brushed right out. Also he normally takes me 1hr 45mins with his Lamb clip. I had him done in 1.5hr.

    I am so loving this stuff so much I already ordered more.

    The Soapy Puppy mobile grooming
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    You know you get the same result when you add the silicone product to your shampoo!!!


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      I had used Kelco demat spray just before every drying & yes my speed did improve but with BS Ultra Max it has improved over that. So this is my new shampoo, conditioner & finishing spray.

      Just adding silicone alone I would think wouldn't do that.

      The Soapy Puppy
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        I agree

        the new best shot is great it lathers so nice, I used on a 130 GS and hardly used a brush on him mostly HVhim smelled nice too. The hair was falling out of him in the tub, you know the type. Its pricey but if you but it by the case it goes down at least with my supplier...Give it a whirl....Dawn


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          time savings = Cha-ching!!

          Sounds like you can fit in a whole appoinment on the time you're saving using these products. Time is money. I'll make a note of this product. Thanks.


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            Me too

            I just bought best shot. Can't wait to try it!!!


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              I love the Best Shot range too...the new stuff is about to hit the street in Aust...cant wait!


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                Have any of you used this Best Shot in a recirc? If so does it work well, or does it suds too much? I have used other Best Shot shampoos in the past and really liked them and most of them worked well with my bather. Just wondering how this one compaired.

                BTW, what does it smell like? Does it have the same nice pepperminty smell as the Ultra (? I think it's the Ultra that has the mint
                SheilaB from SC


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                  Best Shot makes great products

                  I like that the cologne also matches the Ultra wash fragrance. I love all their stuff. I will always have some on hand. But I have others I like too. Like Blueberry facials. I also like the new colognes except the pink grapefruit one.


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                    Best Shot has facials or did I miss something?


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                      The Best Shot Ultra Wash Too is made specifically for recircs . I have used it in my hydrobath with great success.very low sudsing.
                      I love the smell of these products too...different and refreshing.


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                        Love it too, yes you can use it in the recirc bath but just use a very small squirt. I love the shampoo, conditioner and the spray. I have used it on big hairies and little fluffies and it works great on both. I love using the spray on poo's, bichons etc it just seems to melt those mats away. We have been using the best shot ultra wash too for several years now, but I really love this new line


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                          Best Shot doesn't have the blueberry facial, I was just saying

                          I love Best Shot but also use the blueberry facial by another company.


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                              What concentrate are you using it on? Are you doing the 50-1? I think i might try this shampoo now, i've been using Bio-Groom but i might have to check this one out.