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    Here is an easy way I found to tell a good quality cologne from the rest. Take the cap off the bottle and smell the scent from the bottle first. If it smells like alcohol then its good, it you smell the fragrance that means the product is mixed with water. I tried tons of colognes out and I came to find out some manufactures mix there fragrances with water and others with alcohol. The ones mixed with alcohol seem to have a lasting scent and the ones with water the scent doesn’t stay after it dries. I also don’t like how the water ones leave the coat wet where the alcohol ones seem don’t seem to do that because the alcohol dries fast.

    Let me know if you like this kind of information (I usually don’t post stuff). We all have our favorite products but for me, I always try to find out why I like it the best, that way I can find other products that are similar.

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    I envy those who think like you. I have wasted a lot of money on products I think I like based solely on how they smell, only to find out they really dont clean very well. I have used fresh and clean cologne forever, I love it, my clients like it and say it lasts a long time, I dont know how long though. I do have a few dogs that come every 4 weeks, I can still smell cologne on them.