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TEETH, do ya do them?

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  • TEETH, do ya do them?

    Has any one try the "PlaqClnz" products ?? Do they sell well and do they work WELL. I brush teeth in my shop and am looking for a better cleaning job

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    There was a big discussion about this about a week or so ago. Those that have used it seem to think it's pretty good.


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      The trick to the plaqclnz is the take home gel. If the owners actually stick with it they should see results. If they don't, and only do the treatment while they are in your shop, you'll see the same results (if any) as with the teethbrushing.
      I've tried the product on my dogs, and I think the gel helps soften the tartar on their teeth, so that when they chew on bones is scrapes off much easier. I don't think the gel itself magically dissolves the tartar, but it does help freshen breath.