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  • same place??

    hey all..i've been looking and looking and looking...but i have not found any place that sells both, EQyss products as well as Metro u'll must be wondering why i'd be looking for a place like that...but because its going to be all international shipping i need to check duty and all those things, so it makes most amount of sense to order everything does anyone have an idea of any website that carries both? and ofcourse ship international?? pls pls do lemme know...thanks

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    Have you checked with Ryans Pet Supply? If they don't, they may be able to guide you in the right direction. They are always very nice and helpful.


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      Did you try looking at Pet Edge?


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        yup...tried pet edge...but they dont have the Micro Tek Gel


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          Can't find any place in Canada that sells both...


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            Well, perhaps there is someone on the East Coast that could get hold of the items and ship them to you in one package : )


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              that sounds like a neat plan..but who? and how wud i repay the person?


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                I personally have no idea, LOL! Perhaps start a new thread asking if anyone within reasonable shipping from you on the East Coast would be willing to help. But, be VERY careful about sending money to anyone...I wish I could help, I just don't know where or who to ask. Where did you get the gel the first time? Do you mean the Microtek Gel or the Survivor Detangler gel?


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                  bear with me, this might sound complicated. first, find someone willing and honest. this is a good place to look. you purchase items via internet or phone with a credit card and have it shipped to your new friend. your new friend can either ship collect or you can wire transfer money. this way you A) are only sending money to stranger once, or B) not at all.
                  now I dont work in the post office, so maybe that sounds easier than it actually is. my step dad is from europe and his entire family is there, hes always buying stuff here and shipping it there, says its cheaper. go figure. just the other day he was telling my he was sending candy canes and microwave popcorn. haha. his sister is a groomer/breeder and he used to send her stuff from petedge. I would gladly help you out but I am not on the east coast.


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                    pet edge sells them both

                    EQyss products

                    metro dryer