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Traveling Grooming Sales and demonstration business

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  • Traveling Grooming Sales and demonstration business

    Hey to all you wonderful hard working groomers out there!

    It's Damien comin at ya with a new little business me and my team are putting together. As ya'll know I've been mobil now for almost 2 years and have loved my time.


    The body is breakin down and I'm looking at starting a little business going around servicing other groomers in my area with products, tools and education materials.

    I wanted to ask ya'll if you've ever had this kind of a services and what you thought about it.

    I always see so many new "toys" out there and yet no one ever calls on me and shows me how thery work. So although i've decided to put the shears down this year (though I will still own the ultimate dog + we just got our second van) I wanted to still be apart of growing this industry.

    let me know what you guys think. What you would like in a salesman etc...

    And Stephen if you know of anyone doing this, holla my way and let me know how I am really excited about the opp.

    crazy love and respect to all ya crazy animal lovers


    P.M. if you'd like as well.

    Stephen: Sure this type of service has been around a LONG time in some areas, such as CA, well parts of CA. Occasionally some are listed in the Buyer's Guide here, but not a lot. They do tend to come and go. There's a lot of work and paperwork to becoming a distributor of products, and many then open an online service as well. So absolutely it can be done, but lots of work to setup, but I suppose that is true of any business.

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    Here in FL. we have a very nice lady doing just what you are planning. She is sort of a "traveling warehouse". She has clippers, blades, shampoos, shears, ribbon, etc. she carry's a variety of brands of each item. I think she is also a former groomer.