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    I have found a new use for Davis Anti static I use it on my Granddaughters hair. She has baby fine hair and I was trying to get it up in pigtails and the static was horrible. Poor girl every time she gets near a wall her hair would stand on end. I brought home my anti static and used it on her & have done so many times. It doesn't make her hair greasy or sticky and now she doesn't go around the house like she has stuck her finger in a light socket. I just figured here hair was about the same as a yorkies or maltese. So all you girls out there that have little girls that you are trying to get there hair up before school and are fighting with static it works.

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    I use quicker slicker on both of my grandaughters hair when I have them. They both have the curly ringlets and they tend to "matt" up over night. A little QS and it combs right out and stops it from frizzing during the day. Wish I had thought of that when I had a perm.