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  • EQyss...

    hey all...
    i have a big question regarding EQyss shampoos...what i was wondering is...that are the Equine and Pet products the same? well..only EQyss products....because i live all the way over here..i want bigger in the pet section they have only let me know if you have any idea...thanks

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    I have used the horse formula on dogs and cats for many years. The selling point for me was that it worked for all animals. Unless they've changed the formulas, I'd say you are good to buy the large bottles labled for horses. I love this line for animals with ringworm, mange, fleas, ticks and lice. It has always been very effective on parasites without the chemicals. Have you tried to contact anyone from the company to ask questions?


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      i did response...even contacted them to find out abt distributors on this side of the response


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        yes it is the same

        yes it is the same formula Just a different packaging.. that is what I was told by a Equss sales rep... also for everyone's info the shampoos are also human safe too.... I have used the Avacado Mist spray for years as a detangler on my daughter's curly hair and it is long strong and very healthy.....

        To break up the static that builds in my hair during the day I spritz a little of the conditioner in it and then toss it up in a bun.... will help set a beautiful curl to very straight hair that way too lol

        I cant say enough nice things about these products!!!