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    i have a couple of dogs that have really bad ears. one of them swore by tea tree oil inthe ears. so i went and got a bottle dr bonners tea tree shampoo. omg let me tell you this is amazing stuff. the ears came so clean and pink!!! and the smelly stinky was gone. i also have used it on a bichon that has bad rash and she is clearing up good. she comes in once a month and has clean less res skin now. i love this stuff is fair trade certified also i love it!!!

    poochie mamas
    vernal, ut

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    I love it too for things like that. I used to bathe entire dogs with it but it leaves a slight white film on dark coats so I only use it on dogs with skin problems now. Its my own personal favorite for a soap at home. Great on poison oak, stops the itch in its place and reduces inflamation. Dr. Bronners children produced a wonderful documentary about his work a few years ago, I think you can watch it online still. He was a brilliant man devoted to helping the environment and his fellow human beings. Namaste'


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      Try Groomers Edge Oatmella shampoo, the mella part is melaluca which is tee tree. Its a great shampoo and very good for sensitive skin. Plus its a concentrate and a very good price.


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        I get his products from the local co-op--and they are great. Great work, and a great man.
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