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how to remove eye stains

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  • how to remove eye stains

    Is there a safe product that we can apply topically to remove the brown eye stains on the white dogs? A customer of mine said her old groomer use to get rid of the stains by rubbing something on the fur. She said it didn't irritate the eyes and it worked wonderfully. I wonder what she was using? Thanks.

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    Do a search here

    You can search posts here for discussion on this. I myself have tried a few topicals over the years and dislike them since they are ON the hair; they can get sticky, gloppy, whatever.

    There is a mixture that some people apply and then wash out. Again, if you search these threads/posts, you'll get that info.


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      The best product out there is Angel Eyes, but of course that is internally given by the parents. The old groomer may have bee using a mixture of baking soda and peroxide, but it doesn't take the stain completely out. Maybe she was using groomers chalk and the owner didn't know it???


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        I haven't found anything that works topically. I'm still looking too.
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          I try to use my thinners or scissors to just trim away most of the stained hair without making them look bald. The angel eyes does work, but its up to the owner to give it to their pet. You can also suggest they go to an all natural dog food which seems to help.