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How many blueberry facials are there ??

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  • How many blueberry facials are there ??

    Okay I used to work at a petsomething. We used a blueberry facial that came in a square like jug. It was a half gallon I think. I loved it, but we had only just started using it when I left. It was a force ship item so it wasn't something that I'd ever ordered with the supplies. I have since tried the spa version and I know that's not it. I've thought of buying the bark to basics but it doesn't even look like it's the same color. The bark looks much darker in color. How many companies are making this stuff and does anyone know what brand the petsomething uses? It smells REALLY blueberry. Much better smell than the spa version and seems a little more abrasive than the spa.

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    well SouthBark you said is to dark, it smells really blueberry......Davis manufacturing makes a facial.....along with espree makes a few facials but they are foaming.......i dont know of any others


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      Have you tried calling the petsomething as a customer and asking them what it is and if it is available for retail? If you love it that much, it is the simplest way to find it.


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        won't find it

        I currently work for probably the same Petsomething you did and it is a product we use all the time. the scented jugs and the facial are specially made by Cosmus/Tropiclean so we can say petsomething exclusive....all they are a modified scents of the Spa line. sooooo you won't find the same scent but most of the bb facials will work the same.


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          I haven't tried any of the BB facial shampoos yet, but what I find to be a really nice "facial" shampoo is La Pooch Puppy. I prefer the male scent as the female scent is a tad to floral for my taste. I find that this shampoo does a really nice job of whitening, brightning and cleaning and it leaves a really nice fresh smell for days. Plus LP stands by it's "tearless" label (though I still oil the eyes).
          SheilaB from SC


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            "Blueberry Facial" is a registered name of the original by SouthBark. So to answer your question there is only one.

            Nowdays every company and their dog is making a "facial". And in my opinion none of them are as good as the original. I compared a couple of the different types (back when there was only 4 or 5) and they really are not equal. None of them gave me as good results as SouthBark's Blueberry Facial. I don't need to try to dozen or so imitators out there because I am 100% satisfied with the best.

            [Yes, I am biased, but that is only because I really do like the product.]
            "The most affectionate creature in the world is a wet dog." -Ambrose Bierce