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Using Quick Dry on People Hair?!

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  • Using Quick Dry on People Hair?!

    I've always had thin, masses of hair that absorbs a ton of water and takes forever to dry. As I was attempting to find perfection in a box (hey roots are my nemsis), it took forever to dry my hair. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried Quick Dry or a product like it on their own hair? I know the PH between human and canine hair is different, hence people shampoo on dogs is a no no, but I didn't know if styling products had the same rules.

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    one of my employees washes her hair at work using dog shampoo all the time.I will ask her if she has used the quick dry.She hved her hair to a tangled mess one day!


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      Why not try it.

      If it works good. If not nix it. If you look up PH in search here you'll see that many of us think that PH stuff is malarky. If nothing else, as someone pointed out, each area's water has different PH levels so how could it be so important. Also the human shampoos and pet shampoos levels are often too close anyway.
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        I use dog shampoo all the time on my hair. And yes, if washing my hair at work I will use a quick dry shampoo. I agree with the water hardness being a big factor in any shampoo working well, we are fortunate to have good soft water right from the tap.