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  • Shampoo catergories

    So I am in the position to start a grooming dept at a boarding kennel and would be able to pick my own products. YEAH!!! So well I want to try EVERTHING. I look and drool and look and drool and don't know where to start. While I will try LOTS of stuff over time I was trying to narrow things down a bit to get to a starting point. So I thought I would ask not so much brands but how would you catergorize your shampoos as far as your must haves options are.

    I'm thinking....
    mild puppy/tearless
    blueberry facial
    general bath
    supper dirty/greesy/smelly dog
    Color enhansing??? white and dark??

    As for condtioners I was thinking
    light general purpose
    De sheding
    De matting

    So what are yours????

    Of course I have to pick somthing to try first once I decide what to try. LOL!! This is FUN but I want one of EVERTHING.

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    I love having to choose from a full shelf of different products rather than the same 2 on every dog. I also got to choose the shampoo at the new kennel I started at a year ago and I have all the categories you listed with a texturizing shampoo added on for the terriers.