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    Can anyone recommend a nice finishing spray for shine? Do these products really make a difference?

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    I use Espree High Sheen finishing spray. It doesn't have a fragrance (WOOHOO). It sure does make a huge difference, especially on labs, dobes, etc. Super shine and soft. A little goes a looooooong way. I will spray one pump onto my hands and rub the dog all over (two sprays for a large dog). I don't use it on soft, curly coats as it doesn't provide any real shine and can weigh down the hair and make it look greasy. For that type of coat I use CC Ice on Ice.
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      I use The Stuff on everything, but on the short coated guys I will also use a bit of Nature's Specialty Silk-N-Finish. Smells reeeeaaally good, dries non greasy, and black dogs especially just shine!
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        This isn't a spray, but Davis Coat Gloss and Color Enhancer is fabulous - does what it says really well.


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          the best sheen spray

          OMG I will cry if I can't find my Mr. Groom Show Groom. It has mink oil, vitamin E, and sunscreen. I like the smell of Show Groom and it causes the highlights in the coat to shimmer, especially black coats. It's the best.