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Dog staining from licking what to do

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  • Dog staining from licking what to do

    I have a customer that has a crocker spaniel that has recently started licking himself alot and now is no longer white but of course turning red. I have used alot of different things (whitening shampoo) she bought angel something to put on the red stains during a bath (I knew that wouldn't work it is no different than the whiting in the shampoo) but whatever...I think she said she bought different shampoo. I told her about using bottled water instead of tap water. His ears are not bad, his eyes do not stain. I know it is from his constint licking. Does anyone have any other ideas for me or for her to do something different. She has had him to the vet. I can't remember if they gave him a shot or anything I think they said for her to use benedryl. But not certain on this.

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    It may be food allergies. That's the first thing they should check. Sometimes when dogs lick their feet, it's a sign of allergies. See what the dog is eating - stay away from anything with corn, wheat or soy or lots of dyes in it. A grain-free food is great if the dog can tolerate it. Also, they may want to try organic yogurt or some sort of pro-biotics to help, too.


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      sounds like allergies, best thing I've foundt that works is Iceland pure salmon oil, its filtered so it doesn't have the fishy smell and eagle pack holistic solutions. The fish oil is loaded with omega 3's which in most oils and dog food there isn't enough, if there is too much omega 6, it will have the reverse effect, this oil is already at the right ratio, the holistic solution is full of probiotics and it will clear up the yeasty red color. Also make sure he is on a good dog food. Hope this helps.


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        Allergies are a big issue and possible cause. But alos find out what they are using on their floors as a cleaner. Plain old vinegar is best and safest.