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    Does anyone have any experience with these clippers? Thinking about getting them, but they are a bit pricey. On Animal Cops on Animal Planet today they were grooming a very matted Shih tzu with these clippers.


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    I tried them and didnt like them so sent them back!! They were very heavy in my hand,and just kind of awkward,and loud.Just my opinion!


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      I really didn't like them. I only had them for about 6 months but I put 3 blade drives on them and a hinge. They were always loud and they just needed too much repair. It was always something.


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        I've used these a few times. My work has a pair for backup use. They are short and fit my small hand okay but I was constantly accidently turning them off. If the switch was on the side or recessed they might be okay for me. It's just how my hand grips the clipper being they're short bodied.

        I also thought they didn't have any more power than my UltraEdge clippers. The Power groom is suppossed to run 4500 spm ( on cord ) while Ultras on high run 4400. I thought the Ultras were actually more powerful and cut through matted dogs better. We do not have the battery pack. The weight is fairly light if you're using the cord I thought - lighter than Ultras. The battery pack may make it heavier. One of my instructors had tried this clipper with battery and thought it lacked power enough to nix 'em.

        I don't think Andis stand up to wet shaving use very well or I'd have a use for these if we bought the battery pack. It might be nice for kitties. I'm not sure I want to invest my money to buy the pack however.

        The cord is 12 feet and I'm used to the 16 foot cord on my other clippers. My clippers reach no problem for easy manuevering around the table or on the floor for really big dogs. The PowerGroom cord had me and/or the dog doing more manuevering.


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          I had these and I thought they were terrible. They were too heavy and didn't hold a charge. I don't recommend them.