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Blueberry Facial, tear staining, and greasy hair

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  • Blueberry Facial, tear staining, and greasy hair

    Does the blueberry facial help with tear staining? My 1 yr old female show Papillon has had tear staining ever sinse I have had her (sinse she was around 5 months). I have tried:

    Eye Envy (or Envy Eyes(lol)) and other wet pad type products.

    None of the products worked, and I finally just clipped the worst of her staining. That helped a ton, but we are still battling with it. We have a show coming up in January, so I am now bathing her once a week. Her hair tends to get greasy quickly. I use Tropiclean Puppy Shampoo and Tropiclean Kiwi Conditioner on her. I clean her tears with this (tearfree shampoo and condtioner) aswell. I really like using gentle/natural products on my Papillons, as they have sensitve skin.

    Also, I have her on suppliments and pro/prebiotics (Dogzymes by Natures Farmacy).

    Any reccomendations for shampoos or conditioners that help with greasy fringes/hair?


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    Blueberry facial ddoes help with tear stains but i dont think you will see a difference that fast......on another note the only thing i have heard that works really good for tear stains is angel eyes


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      Sounds like she might be retaining a tooth...did you look to see...even on the inside?


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        Les Pooch has absolutely wonderful shampoo that I'd recommend first, and I've found them all to be very gentle. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of Tropiclean-I'd rather use Isle of Dogs, Iv San Bernard, Nature's Specialty, #1 All Systems, Chris Christensen, etc. IOD has a lightweight conditioner also that conditions without greasing; I use it on yorkies and it doesn't weigh down the hair.

        For tear stains-in my show cockers I made sure all water consumed was purified, and used Oxy-fresh to help with the ph balance. Then, I would flush their eyes every day with opticlear or salene solution.

        Try to find the solution for the staining. (vets can help) Minor eye infection, irritated tear duct, oxidization...there are tons of reasons that cause staining. Treating the result vs. the problem is kinda like taking sudafed for a cold. It will treat the symptoms but it won't make the cold go away!

        Blueberry facial does help quite a bit but anything topical would need to be applied once or twice a day to help at all.
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          What has made a major improvement in my Lily's tearing (toy poodle so goes with the territory) is giving her only bottled water or reverse osmosis water. Tearing is still consistent but the brown stains are almost non existent. And yes we are on public water. It just needs a little more filtering. I've suggested it to my customers who have similar problems but not sure that they are trying this option consistently if at all.


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            I've heard it works in time. &it smells GOOD (:


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              Here in the uk, I use Angels Delight which doesn't contain the antibiotic angel eyes does (it was banned here) and it works well on my powderpuff. Bottled water as mentioned before, I have to monitor his food carefully (including treats)as this seems to be the main cause of his staining. If I were you I would also definitely get the blueberry facial, after washing and thoroughly drying out the eye area, take some vaseline (a small amount will do the trick) and cover the area that gets stained, this will 'proof' the hair from further staining - it works very well