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  • tear removal

    I do a lot of maltese's and MANY have tearing problems. Does angel eyes REALLY work? I want to offer a product to my customers but only if it really does make a difference (especially for that price). Other wise, are there other solutions?
    I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).

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    Yes, I've seen it work on dogs that we groom. But you have to use it, it's not something a client can remember to put on their dogs food once in a while and expect it to work.


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      My solution is a 10 blade. I wont give antibiotics when its not necessary. What does work is giving a small amount of tomato paste in the food each day. If owners are diligent it works within about a month.


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        Angel Eyes does work. However, it has an antibiotic in it so when/if you stop it the problem will return. Also, do you want to be using an antibiotic continually? I've seen more improvement by diet changes. Some dogs can smell it in the food and won't eat it.



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          YES!!! I had a mini poodle that I used for competition, and she had staining around her eyes-just put it on their food every day and it works like a charm! I have started selling it in my shop.


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            Try I-Stain. It worked for my Mini-Schnauzer. You just have to be consistent. It looks like powered milk that you sprinkle on the food. Mix it in well, or they may not eat it, but I found that it worked.
            You can get it on Amazon. It's cheaper than Angel Eyes.


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              Yes it works because it has a narrow spectrum antibiotic in it called Tylosin. Some people are not comfortable keeping their pets on an antibiotic on a regular basis for cosmetic purposes.
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                tear stains

                Many tear stains are caused by a type of red yeast. I have found the best way to combat this is from the inside out by adding probiotics to the dog's food. Lactobacillus acidophilus is a good one and is very inexpensive. You can find it in any vitamin aisle. It's the same probiotic that is found in yogurt and is very effective at combating yeast when taking internally on a regular basis.


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                  Personally I'd like it if they would take Angel Eyes and any other similar product off the market. It's an antibiotic, and I don't think it's wise to use it that way.

                  Overuse/inappropriate use of antibiotics is what's given us MRSA and VRSA. MRSA has the ability to pass the resistant gene to other staph bacteria as well as unrelated bacteria like e-coli. These bacteria are nothing to take casually. They're killers. Do we really want to create something like that for our dogs?

                  First one should try to identify why the dog's tears are spilling over onto it's face. Is it an allergy? Blocked tear ducts? Extra eyelashes (distachia) constantly rubbing against the eyes? If you address the issue of why the dog has excessive tearing, the staining usually resloves. Treating the stains without treating the condition that's causing them is like taking an aspirin for pain that's being caused by cancer.


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                    Beg to differ

                    I used Angel's Eyes on my dog for about 8 months. Have not used it for about 6 months now - no staining.

                    So sometimes whatever is happening can STOP happening, depends on the dog and the circumstances.


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                      I use Eyemunity

                      It's from Happy Tails Spa and is non-antibiotic. They have a distributor in the UK, hope I can post it here:

                      011 44 0 747 832 050


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                        I had no idea Angel Eyes contained antibiotics. It's always good to keep up on products so you can properly inform clients. I'd have them consult with their vet to see if AE was appropriate for them to use.


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                          Thank you all on the info! people here are VERY antibiotics conscious so I don't think that is a good choice. I will look into the one from Happy Tails Spa.

                          I had a No Tears removal liquid from my suppliers brand name but like all - it had to be applied every few days for it to work. But who knows IF it works. I decided last week to send it home with one of my best customers who has a maltese with bad tearing and browning around the mouth. Asked her to try it for the tearing and if it does help then I will offer that for resale and maybe also the one from Happy Tails.
                          I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).