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Favourite IOD products?

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  • Favourite IOD products?

    My supplier is now supplying Isle of dogs products (yeah). I have heard a lot of positive stuff from this board. What are your favourites??
    I'm really just a little dog in a big dog's body (I really should cut down on those milk bones).

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    My favorite is their detangling/conditioning sprays. I think it is number 61 or 63. they detangle better than anything else and don't leave dog looking greasy.


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      I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stand Up shampoo!! If you do a lot of teddy clips, poo's, bichon's, (anything that will be fluffy), this is a MUST!

      Then Detangling Conditioning spray (No 63) is the bomb, as is the EPO Grooming spray (No 61?)


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        All of the groomer line, Stay Clean shampoo and their styling spray is da bomb!


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          #63 detangle spray-i really do think it works, though being that it is not the groomer line it is a bit costly. i call it liquid gold and only use it when i have to, and charge a little extra demat fee.

          royal jelly shampoo is also nice i used it on my poo when he was in full coat, not something you have to have, but if you do dogs in full coat and want to encourage growth you might want to try it.

          2heal conditioner

          i have used the whole groomers line and liked it all, and it smells great.