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Revitalizing old bow rubber bands?

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  • Revitalizing old bow rubber bands?

    I was cleaning out my equipment yesterday and I noticed that some of the topknot bows I've bought over the years are starting to dry out. Well, the rubber bands on them are. They are the kind that have two in case one breaks but that doesn't do you much good if they are both drying out.

    My question is, do any of you know how to help preserve the rubber bands? Is it possible to reverse the damage? None have officially broken but I also haven't stretched them very far and they are very brittle. Is there a better way to store them? I've heard refrigerator...does that work?
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    It works.
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      rubber bands

      yes refrigeration does extend the life of them, but eventurally they do go. you can take a wrap a new one around them before you use them. this way you are not using the old band but a new one. this usually works.