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Joey Villani partners with Cherrybrook to present Dogs In Style

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  • Joey Villani partners with Cherrybrook to present Dogs In Style

    Joey Villani, grooming expert and television veteran, has developed “Dogs In Style” canine beauty system. Cherrybrook is proud to partner with Joey to offer this unique, waterless, 3-step professional grooming system to Professional Groomers, Dog Show Exhibitors and retail customers through, its Mobile Store, and its retail stores in Bedminster and Broadway New Jersey.

    “These products will make your dog cleaner, free of knots and tangles and healthier. Using these products will freshen your dog in between regular trips to the professional groomer.” said Villani, who is a Television Veteran on Animal Planet with, “Groomer Has It,” and “Dogs 101”.

    Consisting of 3 steps - Refresh, Powder and Scent - the “Dogs In Style” products address the needs of pet owners, as well as dog show handlers. It’s perfect for convalescing or elderly pets or any pet that becomes overly stressed from frequent or traditional grooming.

    Step 1, Refresh, is a pre-wash that will break down the heavy stuff like urine, fecal matter, blood and heavy odors including skunk spray. Spray Refresh on all areas needed avoiding eyes, nose and mouth. There is no need to saturate. Work in with fingers, cloth or brush and wipe dry with a towel. Your pet will feel refreshed and be free of odors.

    Step 2 is Powder and should be used after the Refresh. This is like the shampoo of the system. This specially designed powder is sprinkled over your dog and brushed through until there is no more powder coming off the pet. This absorbent powder will capture dirt and oil and float it away as you brush. You will see a brighter and cleaner pet with lots of volume in coat. Powder also contains Diatomaceous Earth, a naturally occurring soft chalk of fossilized shells, which are very absorbent and have been known to repel fleas without pesticides.

    The final step is Scent – think of it as cologne for dogs. Unlike many pet colognes, Scent features no harsh chemicals or alcohol to dry out or irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. This citrus-based fragrance will keep your dog smelling fresh.

    For a limited time only, this product which normally sells for $29.99 is available to members for $22.99. We are estimating that each kit can be used up to 50 times, meaning each application only costs 46 cents. This special price for this outstanding product is only available at

    Enter coupon code PGJV at checkout to take advantage of this amazing deal on this unique product.