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    Hi I'm new to posting on this forum.. Ive been reading posts for a couple months now. I groom out of a vets office in Okoboji, Iowa. I am the only groomer. I am required to pay for my own shampoo, conditioner ect.. I usually get all of my stuff thru Groomers Choice as I can pick it up at the distributor. I have used Bark 2 Basics in the past but currently use Double K Groomers Edge; The Ultimate & Alpha White for shampoos and The Solution for conditioner. I have been reading up on some of the other products out there and altho I would LOVE to get the really nice exspensive stuff, the cost does come from my pocket. Each gallon of shampoo lasts about 4-5 weeks and the conditioner lasts about twice that. Basically I just want to get some suggestions for shampoos/conditioners that work well to clean, yet won't cost a ton of money. Also I read on here that groomers get discounts from certain companies, so if I can get a discount ordering certain products I would love that! Thanks for any suggestions!