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What's your FAVORITE supply and/or tool?

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  • What's your FAVORITE supply and/or tool?

    What tool would you refuse to work without? I'm starting to get my grooming supplies and tools together and am feeling a little overwhelmed at the amount of tools that are needed! So help me organize my shopping needs! Thanks! Megan :-)

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    Good shears, that fit your hand. I love my Talons, fit like a glove. Don't be afraid to spend a little more on them either.

    Andis Clippers, two speed, have a t least 2. I have half a dozen, so when one has to go in the shop you still have one.

    Ditto the blades, at least 2 of all your blades.

    I like Chris Christiansen brushes, combs and stripping knives.

    A decent HV dryer, and a good table. Thats what I started out with.

    I like CC shampoo, South Bark products, Les Pooch, Quadraped, and Isle of Dog.


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      Its hard when your starting out, I wasted alot of money, trying to buy cheap, but it costs you in the long run, get the best you can afford. Here are my must haves:

      dubl duck shear
      fromm shear
      rose line thinning shear
      bear hv
      hydaraulic table

      The next tub I get will be 60" and comes with a ramp, for all those labs, and goldens. I don't take anything bigger than that and no more DOODLES, their always matted, to much work!


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        So many to pick from... I love my purple and green les pooches brushes. They make things go so much faster, and the dogs don't mind them since they don't scratch their skin the way other brushes do. I also love my Chris Christensen butter comb, it is amazing. Very slick, glides right through the hair. Metal wahl snap on combs, they're fantastic. Wahl moser trimmer, very fast for feet and face trimming.

        My wishlist has Chris Christensen or Kenchii shears... someday.... I agree with the others though, don't buy cheap stuff, you get what you pay for! Anything that will make your job easier and faster will help you earn more money, with less work.


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          This board.
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            Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate it! Any one else have suggestions?


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              Les pooch brushes (green and red) and Wahl stainless steel snap-on combs. These are things that were not included in my kit from school but I think should have been!


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                Originally posted by Smart-n-Pretty View Post
                This board.
                Absolutely, without a doubt, the best tool that I have.


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                  Alot of what was already said a good Hv will be your godsend and a bravara or speedfeed clipper will help cut time.


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                    Laube clippers
                    SS snap ons
                    Geib shears & blenders,Oster Chunkers
                    CC combs
                    Silver double LP brush
                    CC T-Brush
                    Good HV and centrifugal stand dryer
                    hydraulic table
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                      LIPS system and table

                      K9 III dryer


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                        Lets see: my stainless steel attachments, my 10" comb, every single pair of shears (but mostly my 5 stars), my hydraulic table...
                        I'm a major scissor whore so give me a pair of scissors anyday
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                          Davis Quick Dry Spray - Must have it!!
                          Wahl SS Snap on Combs
                          Cowboy Magic Detangler
                          C-Mon Scissors - Curved, thinners and straight
                          SouthBark Blueberry Facial
                          Davis Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo
                          Groomers Helper and an assortment of muzzles


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                            Groomers Helper

                            Les Poochs Mat Zapper

                            (These are beside the obvious good shears, etc)

                            Oh, and my tiny hydraulic table.

                            Tammy in Utah
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                              -les pooch matt zapper
                              -show season detangle
                              -curved shears(even though I don`t have a good pair yet)
                              -cc t brush
                              -good thinning shears
                              -whal snap on combs
                              -Laube speed feed & micro mini

                              The matt zapper, thinning shears, snap on combs and my speed feed would probably be the absolute must haves though.