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    I just got my 1st prder of IOD in the mail today
    I ordered the evening primrose oil ( veterinary grade) shampoo and the primrose oil spray and also the nutrient mask
    now I have to wait til wednesday (when i groom next )til I can use it ....UGH

    From what I have read here this stuff ROCKS

    I did have a sample of the Nutrient mask and a little goes a long ways so the 250 ml bottle will be sufficient

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    now that you've had time to us eit what do you think? I am considering this line as well.


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      Originally posted by ItzaClip! View Post
      now that you've had time to us eit what do you think? I am considering this line as well.
      I ADORE IOD! Their Coature line is a little pricey for everyday grooming but the Salon Elements line is excellent as well and is much more economical. Hopefully tomorrow NeaNea will chime in since she uses IOD exclusively at her salon. I got samples recently and just adore their stuff.
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        I am an avid IOD user! I love all their stuff, but in the salon, I use the Salon Elements line. I also sell their Everyday line to my clients and they love it.


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          hello Neana, i know you from the poodle forum site. i respect your opinion too. thanks.


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            I have been using IOD for 3 yrs in my shop. I charge an upgrade fee for the epo and royal jelly and on my clients that tip really well I soak their dogs in the to heal and to build conditioners. I also use the salon line for everyday use. I started using this on my show dogs and decided I wanted to get it into my shop but it is rather pricey which is how I came up with the upgrade fee. I usually give the client a free shampoo and conditioner with the IOD and ask them to notice how much longer their dogs coat stays whiter and cleaner and how the blacks stay so shiney. I have a lot of devotees to IOD however I will warn you that if you leave it on the dogs too long it acts like an exfolient and can bring dander out and some dogs (very few) will have a very itchy reaction to it. 99% of my dogs that are on my flickr page are IOD dogs. The lakeland in my icon was bathed in IOD it is so good for color.


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              Actually, a friend of mine purchased some of this for her dog (even on a limited ingredient diet, she still flakes out and is itchy :C) who is prone to allergy scratching.
              The dog smelt AMAZING. Her coat was INCREDIBLE.

              And dont even get me started on the cologne. I wanted that for myself. :|

              I wish our salon would use it. I recommend this shampoo, because I have witnessed what it can do for a doggy. It's amazing.


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                do you use a cologe too or is the fragrance from the shampoo enough? I am wanting to try this line, have heard such great things about it. Thanks!!


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                  It has been a few years since I purchased their products, so it is possible they offer different formulas now, but I had some complaints regarding the fragrance. I personally loved the fragrance, but some customers thought it smelled too much like perfume. One dog also had agitated skin after using it, but I cannot be certain it was IOD that caused this. I now offer a choice of vanilla shampoo or unscented...but I still use a sample bottle they sent me of conditioning spray as a cologne occasionally. I think it de-tangles nicely and smells lovely.