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Bling masks or burn the damn headache

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  • Bling masks or burn the damn headache

    I would love to burn my masks because I get headaches. So grooming is no longer fun for me, at all. Perpetual headaches. Enough rant, but I love bling, so thinking about a bling style mask.

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    Change the style of the masks. I'm using the K94 (Korean made n95) and I breathe better in it because it sits away from the face.
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      Can you get vaccinated and drop the mask? I agree the N95 is more comfortable for me also. I’ve used it when I’m required to wear a mask in the hospitals or doctor offices pulling a shift here and there. Although I’m assuming you work for a corporate store or a private salon that still requires it. One day this shall pass. Sorry for your hardship. Fortunately I’ve always worn a mask in the procedural nursing I’ve done for many years now. They don’t bother me one iota as far as comfort goes.


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        GUCCI that mask up. Have fun!


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          Same thing here, serious headaches and tried them all I think. My doctor said I am not alone. Fortunately I don't have to wear all day at work.