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Need 1 1/2 inch comb for Andis AGC2 clippers

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  • Need 1 1/2 inch comb for Andis AGC2 clippers

    I want to give my Goldendoodle a trim once in awhile like three or four times a year.

    The rest of the time every 6-8 weeks I will take her to groomer.

    I'm looking for a comb attachment that is greater than 1 inch that can fit an Andis AGC2 clipper.

    And I could use assistance on whether I should use a number 10 or number 30 blade or shouldn't it matter if I'm using a comb attachment.

    Thank you so very much for any help and advice for a newbie.


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    The longest attachment comb I am aware of is Artero. They make a 1 1\4. Here's a link;

    I would use a 30 blade under it though I have heard during a 10 blade works too. You will have to see what works best for you. The big thing is that the coat will need to be properly prepped first.

    You must be able to get a greyhound comb through the coat of you will not be able to get an attachment comb through it.

    I hope this is a little helpful.

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      A one inch comb cuts much longer than one inch. For some reason all blades and combs are measured when you cut against the grain of the hair, not with it. This Doodle is done in a one inch comb and you can see she's much longer than that.
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        PM me. I have a few Laube combs that came in a box of supplies. Brand new. I only needed one thing in the box.. lol. You pay shipping and it's yours. I have a 1.5 inch and a 1.25 and a 1 and 5/8.
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          sweet parti


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            Way to go Parti.


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              Well the truth is Oster makes a 2 inch comb. Here's mine that I found in my box. Probably never used it, I don't know how its possible to get a proper cut with this ridiculous comb. Maybe with a vac system. I don't offer any length above a E comb.