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What do you recommend to clients to use at home?

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  • What do you recommend to clients to use at home?

    I’m getting a ton of questions from clients asking for brush, comb, shampoo and detangling product suggestions to use at home in between grooming appointments. Specifically with doodle owners I get asked this a lot. I know what I like to use at my shop but I was curious what you all suggest to your clients for home use?

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    Pretty much same thing, slicker and a comb. They don't understand undercoat. You know, doodles don't shed. First time I advise your doodle sheds. WHAT? Yes your doodle sheds into its own coat at not around the house. So you saved some time picking up that shed around the house. Now take that time to remove it as it is near your doodle's skin trapped. Trapped indeed I tell them ready to mat. Brushing gets the top of the shed away from the skin, and that brush can hurt the skin so don't press too hard. Now do that, but then carefully go deeper where the shed is hidden and that must come out with the comb carefully. They look at me like maybe I would have saved more time letting her shed and vacuum it help.

    Well, maybe. LOL


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      Never tell them what to use, without showing them HOW to use. I have seen pets end up in the vets from misuse, especially the furminator. With a heavy hand you can take the hide off.


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        Use a housecall groomer😺