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    Just some encouragement.
    Even I, a less than brilliant seamstress, was able to make a mask, so that I don't breathe my germs on other people. There are a billion helpful YouTube videos with detailed instructions. If you choose a pretty color or pattern, it can actually be a cheerful sight for your (6-feet away) clients.

    You don't even need a sewing machine, if you can figure out how to thread a needle. Not much fabric is needed. You could wash an old t-shirt and use it-- in fact that is one of the better fabric choices.

    I order from with affordable fabrics.

    No elastic? Use large rubber bands tied together, or ribbons.

    A mask took me about 20 minutes. I wear it for my brief walks in nyc. When I return home, I remove it by the straps, put it in the bathroom sink, scrub with soap and water, then let it dry until the next outing.

    I know people in the US mostly think masks are only for medical people, but there is a long history of wearing them to prevent breathing germs on other people. It is for my neighbors, not for me, especially the seniors.

    Anyway, don't be intimidated by the idea of making a mask! It is kind of fun.

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    Mask I made yesterday. Cozy!