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I'm not smarter than the Universal Clipper Vac.

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  • I'm not smarter than the Universal Clipper Vac.

    Okay, I just realized I haven't actually posted before, I've only lurked. I was a bather at PetSomething and was going to go to academy, but ultimately turned it down and left in 2015 because of personal reasons. I work a different job now, and it may be awhile until my life calms down and I can go back to working with animals.

    I have an 11 year old cat who I found as a feral kitten that has never tolerated brushing her belly so I keep that shaved throughout the year to prevent matting. I give her a lion cut in the summer when it's warmer.
    I just got a universal clipper vac from Romani because I figured it might make things a bit easier (I'd also love to try comb cuts). However, I am not handyman-inclined at all and have no idea how to attach the hose to my shop vac. I clearly need another attachment since this hose machine end has no threading. For those of you that have the universal attachment, how did you make this work? Youtube is failing me right now and I feel ridiculous.

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    Are you using a big shop vac or a bucket head vac? It will for bucket head


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      I feel like it may be better to just buy a new shop vac for it since the one we have is quite old and big anyway. So, any recommendations for a small one that will work for the cv?