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  • B-air Bear Pro II

    Can I get some experienced reviews on the B-Air Pro II HV dryer?

    It seems to be the best thing that I can get that can plug into a 15A at home, and I'm on the fence about getting some electrical pulled at home to dry my creatures to bring home a K9. I'm used to using Master Blasters and K9 II/III, and obviously I'm not expecting to get the same result, although the B-Air is showing as listed at 8 HP like the others, and the only 15A dryer that I can see that has it. Will I be able to effectively straighten 6-inches of hair at home with it? Does the element heat up a bit? I'm not finding many reviews on it, and statistically it looks "OK."

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    I have this dryer. I have used a K9 II in the past as well as Hanvey's (apparently no longer made) 8 hp Bullet 2 dryer and an old Circuiteer II, and I find this dryer to be every bit as adequate. It does get quite warm. As a matter of fact, the hose can get pretty hot. I am extremely pleased with this dryer, though. I have had it only about a month, so I can't speak to its longevity. But powerful and warm, yes.


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      Moo, I sent you a PM.


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        I'm pretty sure I have this one too, but I swear mine says it pulls 19 amps on high.

        Maybe that's why they discontinued my particular one and revamped it?

        It absolutely compares to the K9II and FAR outperforms hubs' K9III

        Love the variable speed too.

        BTW it's not that big of a deal to fix your electrical. If your box has room, and the wiring is adequate an electrician can just swap out your circuit breaker.