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To clipper vac or not to clipper vac?

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  • To clipper vac or not to clipper vac?

    My main remaining question: What are the financial benefits of using a clipper vac? How many more dogs do you think you can groom in a day with than without (if any?)

    Also, brand preferences?

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    It does speed me up on certain coat types. I originally bought mine for health reasons. I tried both and prefer and use Hanvey hair vac. You can slide suction head off clipper, switch between clippers. You can glue aluminum plate on any clipper to convert it. I use my li pro every day.

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      I did a diy. I purchased romani hose and adapter for bravura. I finally got the hang of it . I also bought mine for better air for both me and the pets. A large wall mount unit is what I am saving up for. Just not sure which to go with.


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        I've owned a Romani Clipper Vac since the early 1990's, when they were still made with wooden boxes. If it speeds up a groom, it's probably minimal since you don't have to go over the same area 2-3 times, but only 1-2 swipes with suction, making it a real clean cut. I also use it because you don't have 2-3" of cut hair laying on your table and floor. I really don't think you can add more dogs on your daily schedule due to a clipper vac. I personally can't imagine not grooming with one, not for speed, but for the clean cut and minimal clean up.

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          I just bought a Tote a couple weeks ago. Does it speed me up, maybe a little. The biggest advantage is smooth even cuts every time and not going over the same spot over and over cause your clipper can't seem to feed the coat into the blade. Not so with the vac. 1 pass and it's done, especially legs. Dogs hate their legs clippered. 1 pass down or up and its done. I can't believe I waited this long to get one. Just this week I had a full coated Pom whose owner wanted just a little skimmed off. No problem with the vac. Just floated the clipper over the coat and skimmed off just enough to still look natural. I could not do this with a regular clipper.


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            I have a million year old wooden box style Clipper Vac Mini. I can't specify a preference because I have only ever used this one and it's because I got it used ridiculously cheap many years ago. I'm sure I would love Hanvey's just as much if not more just because I am a fan of many of his other products that I do own.

            If it did not save me anymore actual groom time, it would still be worth it to me just for the time it would save cleaning up. I realized when the brushes went out on it last year and I had to wait for some since I was stupid and didn't have back ups just how inconvenient it was and how much I hated having piles of hair all over the place. Smooth finish and convenience aside, it is totally worth it to me just to minimize mess. I haaaAAAaaate having clumps of hair all over the table and floor and sticking to my sweaty face, and my lungs are probably happier for it.