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Cleaning Recirculator system.

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  • Cleaning Recirculator system.

    I have an oster Power Bather and I noticed it smells a little "swampy" when I first turn it on. How does everyone clean their recirculators?

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    once a week I fill tub with water and add 1/2 cup the system for about a minute and wash down walls of tub, brushes, blades or any other tools that need a bath.


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      We put them in a bucket of half water/half vinegar and let them run about five minutes. We do this once a week.
      I was told that bleach eats the rubber seals. But I've also been told you can use non-chlorine bleach.
      I've been using the water/vinegar solution for over 20 years and it seems to work fine.


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        I clean mine daily as part of my overall cleaning routine because I throw in my blades and combs and whatever else with it and clean it all at the same time. I use a disinfectant (Davis Dakil, 1/2 oz per gallon of water). I then do a vinegar water rinse, but that's mostly because I have super hard water prone to mineral deposits. My recirc is around 15 years old and still going strong.

        The vet clinic I used to work in had exactly the same system I do. They never cleaned it ever. It stank like I don't know what and lasted a very short time before it quit, anyway. It would sometimes spit out slimy black sludge. Before I got on board cleaning mine daily, mine used to stink. Those things can smell like nothing else. If I left it alone on a Friday and came back to it Monday, it would stink already. I figure plenty of gross stuff had to grow in it before it even reached the point of being able to smell it, so I just clean it daily as a matter of routine.

        Disassembling it and hanging the hose to dry may be overkill, but I do that too.


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          At the end of the day, I always take off the bathing system's filter, clean it, then leave it off so air can circulate around this part of the system. Then I take off the nozzle every night so that air can also get into the hose area.

          For overall cleaning, I too use the white vinegar/water application.

          Happy cleaning

          Dolly's Barking Bubbles, LLC


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            Thank you for all the tips! I have run very diluted disinfectant through it, but I never thought to try vinegar, I will give it a shot!


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              My system is a homemade using a sump pump so it is probably different than your Power Bather. I have had it 5 years and not had any problem using the bleach solution but don't want to give you advice that would harm your particular system.