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Funny hydraulic table issue

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  • Funny hydraulic table issue

    I set the table height for grooming a toy poo which took about 30 minutes. I have to be so careful with her, she moves a lot. A few minutes into the groom I thought to myself the table seems lower, so I pumped it back up. Nothing happened. NO! So I made the most of it to get her done before the table went any lower, but it creeped lower and lower slowly. You could hardly notice but when I was done I was definitely crouched over. Fortunately I have a backup table.

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    I can just see it, LOL


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      Sounds like your hydraulic fluid and/or seal may need attention.


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        OMG that is so funny I can see it.


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          Lol I can relate. I think the seal is about done on my hydraulic table as well. It sometimes creeps down, too, but so far it will still pump back up. It was also very subtle at first like what the... And, well, I started noticing the occasional puddle of fluid underneath. Replacing that ring is on my list of things to do which will probably happen when I can't put it off any longer.


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            Yes probably fluid problem. I am going electric, it has been fixed before. Very old table. Ordering electric but not sure brand. I know Ultralift excellent, but check Petlift too.