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How clients misinterpret Google articles

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  • How clients misinterpret Google articles

    Cat owner today was disappointed that I use a human hair dryer at my house call. (It's a salon-quality dryer, not a drug store dryer. It's a great tool, though pricey.)
    Turns out that she's scared of dryers with heat, because she saw articles on the internet about pets dying from heat.
    So far I haven't read any articles about cats being blow-dried to death by a groomer who is standing besides them holding a blow dryer and being exposed to the same amount of heat as the cat. In fact, cats love the dryer because they love to feel warm.
    Also had owners stick their hands in the sink, I guess because they think I'm going to boil their cat. My hands are in that sink with the cat so I'd be boiling myself.
    Have you also had clients who misinterpret the articles about pets being hurt by heat? It's like only two words from the articles stick in their heads. Heat and dryer.
    People be wacky. They mean well though.

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    "People be wacky." And double wacky when it comes to their pets.


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      I'm thinking there's a "crazy cat lady" joke in there somewhere.