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  • Dryer for big hairys

    My Grandaddy dryer has been burning up brushes in the back motor. I can't find anyone who can tell me why. The manufacturer suggested I am installing the brushes incorrectly. I suspect the problem has to do with the foam filters getting covered with hair and causing the motors to run hot. When there is hair flying around the drying room it is impossible to keep the filters clean even with frequent blowing off. So, what is a good dryer for big hairy dogs, as well as for smaller dogs? Am I still going to have a problem with filters, if that is in deed the problem? How does the K9-III compare? Is there another brand that I should look at? I need to do something rather soon as my back up dryer is a tiny orange metro that is about 30 years old and a speedy stand dryer of the same vintage. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Well.......the K9-II dryers all have the filter on the outside back part of the motor, so its easy to visualize and clean. I just pop the filter and run spray water on the inside of the filter to clean. You can't go wrong with the K9-II.........I think the K9-III is for multi groomers (?), but for one person drying, a K9-II is sufficient. I've been running mine since 2011 (4-5 days a week, 5 dogs a day) and I haven't had a brush issue.....yet.

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      Sounds like you may want the K9 III to fill your needs. It has two motors and two air filters so it get a little more airflow than the K9 II (although the discharge temperature of the K9 II is slightly warmer due to the single tube design restrictions the air more). Where you would appreciate the K9 III more is the brush maintenance. To change them out on the K9 III is a breeze. Removing the end caps exposes them for service. On the K9 II a lot more disassembly required. Many wires need to be disconnected, then the power cord, outlet, switches, and one motor have to be pulled out to expose the brushes! If it was my investment to make, I'd go with the K9 III. In an aside, many people who post here have built drying cabinets to reduce not only noise, but the hairy maintenance issues you speak of. Just a thought.


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        Just to clarify, the Grandaddy has filters on the front and back and they are easy to take out. I wash them at the end of each day. The problem is that while drying a dog they get covered with hair. I blow the hair off and the hair is quickly drawn back.

        Drying cabinet question: If I built a box around the dryer, would the dryer get enough air? Can anyone on here give me advice on building a drying cabinet?

        My concern with the K9 III is that I will have the same problem. But then maybe the hair is not the problem. I just don't know and I can't find anyone who works on electric motors. I tried a vac. cleaner repair place. They replaced the back motor with one that was too small. Then I sent the dryer back to Romoni and they replaced the motor with the correct size. Now, a year later I'm having problems again. I only work 3 days a week (have another part time job) so I'm not drying a lot of dogs. This time I had a local guy look at it and he didn't know what was wrong, said it was dirty (carbon),cleaned it and put new brushes in which lasted a couple of weeks. Th
        e brushes I put in before he looked at it also lasted a couple of weeks.


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          I know Itza has a Granddaddy dryer, you might pm her....she has lots of info on different dryers.
          I use a Double K dual motor dryer....have been using for 7 yrs and no issues yet...but it does hang on the wall so all the hair on floor dosent suck right back into the filters.
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            I have both a Grandaddy and a K9-II. I prefer the k9-II with the water peeler nozzle. I keep the Grandaddy around because of the dial. I haven't had any issues with brushes at all. Mine is under the drying table though, so it doesn't see a lot of hair.


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              Thanks Cyn. Both good ideas.


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                Has anybody tried the new Chris Christensen 2Xtreme ,the Ez dry lll or the K9 lll with variable speed?


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                  I really don't think it's the hair. If that were the case we would all be changing brushes constantly.

                  I agree with the K-9III. WFW covered it perfectly. Anytime we've had to change the brushes on a K9II we never get that factory seal back when we put the motors back and the air volume just isn't there. We are getting the K9III for the new trailer and when I replace my K9II it will be with the III.