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  • Go Pet Club rotating grooming table

    Has anyone had any personal experience with the Go Pet Club rotating round table? I want to purchase the 35.5 diameter table (which is the bigger one). But have read reviews on the smaller one that says the table is wobbly with a dog on top of it. And the dogs shake because they can't balance themselves. I wonder if it would be the same problem with the bigger one. And if there is a way to stabilize it so it doesn't wobble. I really want it because it rotates. Any info is appreciated. I don't plan on doing dogs bigger than 50 lbs on it.

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    There was one like that in the shop I used to work, and we used it only for very small dog, like yorkies, poodles, Maltese, cats, I think a 50lbs dogs won't stand, not even a fat cocker.
    I have the bigger square model 60x80cm and most of medium dogs can easily stand and the foot is more stable because that's like a H


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      If it has ONE central post like I think it does they wobble badly. DO NOT waste your money. The ones that have a pole like you would see in a hairstylist chair have no way to support the table top and it wobbles badly
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        Agree with Parti. Those single pedestal tables break very easily and are impossible to fix after it happens. Do not waste your money on it.
        BUT, I can strongly advocate for putting a rotating table on top of your regular table when you want it for smaller dogs. I've had one for 4 years now and have a really hard time working without one anymore. Soooooo easy to gently rotate the smaller table and see different angles and keep the same lighting aspect. And it helps give me those extra few inches when working on those teacup things that keep coming in ( besides- they are roughly $50 vs whatever that terrible big table would cost ).


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          Where do you find those table top tables? The only ones I can find are for small dogs. In looking for something to be my main table and can groom Lhasa's, shih tzu,, havanese, schnauzers. Need something around 30 inches in diameter.