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  • Stationary grooming table

    I"m looking to purchase a sturdy stationary grooming table. One I can fold up and bring with me to nursing homes etc. Just a plain jane table "but" sturdy. I don't want to have to replace it in 6 months. Do you have any suggestions?

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    I bought a Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table on Amazon to take to rescues/shelters. I made a mistake buying the 48" table; it's too long and a pain to get inside the building. The table itself is very sturdy has held up well over the past year. No wobbles and the top looks brand new. I got a convertible hand truck from Home Depot that l make into a rolling cart. I put my grooming tools/dryer, etc. in sturdy plastic tubs and those go on the bottom. The table goes on top and I secure it with a short strap just to keep it from sliding off. Being adjustable is great but I've only changed the height once for a large dog. I hope this helps!


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      If you can affor cit buy a Champagne. They are heavier but last forever. OR an Ultralift one.
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        Groomers Choice has Dura Dog folding leg tables in a couple sizes. I use them at dog shows and have no problems with 70 pound dogs jumping on and off them all weekend. They are plenty sturdy. I sit on them when hanging out doing nothing and I weigh 180.


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 super light and sturdy. Mine has held up for more then 5 years. I've had it for so long don't remember when i bought it. Best investment i ever made.
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