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Decent "cheap" dryer?

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  • Decent "cheap" dryer?

    Just curious to see if anyone has any recommendations for dryers that are on the lower price range.

    I am a groomer for a big corporation, so do not own my own dryer or a grooming table.
    A friend of my family recently asked if I could start grooming her senior shihtzu, as she does not want it to get stressed anymore by leaving the house for grooming.
    I would like to atleast meet her dog and give it a try, but I think I would like to get a dryer first.

    I am also wondering if there is something I could do that would take place of a grooming table with a loop... or would it just be best to invest in a cheap one of those as well?

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    Metro 4.0 Workhorse. Mine has even been run over. For small or elderly pets the air flow is good and sound is minimal. 2speeds. Air gets warm but not hot. I do not use any nozzles. You can also get a clip holder for table to use as stand type dryer if you want. Therr is wall mount you can order also. With this you can mount under table, to wall or inside cabinet (make sure to allow ventilation). Love it I also have a k9-3 due to the fact that I do large dogs too. The air gets considerably warmer , too warm for my tastes, but that once can be used


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      Agree with the metro 4.0. I even used to do my big Belgian with it.
      As far as the table – if you don't want to invest in a regular collapsing grooming table, You can try one of the small circular spinning tables that I believe you can get through petted. I have the larger one that they used to sell (they don't sell the size anymore). It's it's on top of my regular grooming table and it holds most of my dogs. For you it would work on top of the dining room table or kitchen table with something Soft protect the table underneath it.


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        Ive actually been looking at the metro 4.0. Good to hear its good for a basic dryer...

        Good suggestion on the rotating tables too. I forgot about those.
        We will see, I'm going to have to make a trip up to the grooming supply store and make some decisions.


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          Metro good here too in this case.