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  • viper grooming table

    I found one thread on this table, but not a lot of info and it was 4 years ago. Has anyone seen this in action or used these? They are super pricey. My business partner really likes the "look" of them, but he is not a groomer. He wants us to have all the best equipment, which is great and all, but I know I can get what I need at much more affordable price. I can only justify spending close to 3K on a table if it really is going to do a better job than all the rest. I like the storage drawer (but other tables have this feature, too) and I like the electrical outlet on it. I don't mind working with a big table, so size wouldn't bother me, but the placement of the t bar seems like it might be cumbersome to work around. I guess you would just have to flip the dog around instead of walking to the other side, which I usually do.

    Anyway, it's a long time before I can spend this kind of money on just a table, but I was curious to know if any of you have, and if it was worth the investment.

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    shoot, forgot the link. here it is :