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Tub lift for groomer with back injury

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  • Tub lift for groomer with back injury

    I am trying to figure out the best way to use my existing tubs and not have to lift the large dogs into them. I have thought about buying a low-boy table and storing it in my tub room but that is quite expensive. Has anyone tried building a lift from a motorcycle lift? Any ideas would be much appreciated!!!

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    Why not just buy a ramp? I think Ryan's sells them for $150 - $200, something like that.


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      Not what you want to hear

      If you have back issues, it is not only the LIFT that will give you problems, so you should seriously consider a weight limit on your dogs, maybe as low as 25-30 pounds.

      The reason I say this is that ANY largish dog can impact your back at many times during the groom. A leggy 55-pound Airedale may be easy to get into the tub, whether you lift or he "helps" you as he may get his front end up on the tub for you while you lift the rear. However, that same dog may need you to lift his rear from a "sit" repeatedly on the table (that can be big wear and tear on your back), or may jerk his legs from you (wrenching your back), or may put his weight on you when you lift a leg to do a foot (straining back muscles), or/or/or - there are truly many ways they can exhaust and stress your back muscles.

      So please be alert to what your back needs. It is better to change to small breeds and do other part-time work that does not injure you further, than to simply get something to help get the dog in the tub. At least that has been my experience.


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        I'm not sure what you lay-out is inthe bathing area, but if you have space you could build a platform next to the tub. Then the dogs can walk into the tub on their own.

        I've had this done before it is very helpful. Most larger dogs will jump up onto anything, so a platform is handy, you can also hook them up on here to dry them.

        Debbie did have a very valid point, tho. A strong medium-large dog can be a real strain on your back if they are lazy, nervous or just indifferent to the grooming process! Take a good hard "look" at your situation before making any investments or doing any remodeling. Any new equiptment is cheap compared to your back!



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          I feel your pain

          Just do what I did and buy a plastic kiddie pool pit it beside your existing tub,pull your sprayer over the side and spray away.I use a wall lock to chain the dog and wallah.I use a wet vack to suck out the water while the doggie b gettin dry and all is right with the word.LOL think this sounds stupid,maybe but darn if it didnt work for me!!!