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  • stainless steel crates

    Hi all,
    Looking to purchase stainless crates.... does anyone have experience with shor-line, dirck made by fix and sons,or regal made by suburban surgical? Waiting for quote from regal... but shor-line's quote is twice as much as dirck's..... thanks for your feedback!

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    You mean cage banks??

    You don't mean crates, I guess. I have used stainless steel banks at some vets I used to groom at. However, ss is COLD and NOISY. Fibreglass or others (like Clark cage banks) are not cold and not so noisy as stainless.


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      I have Shorlines, and they are AWESOME!!! I picked mine up used for really cheap, so that may be an option for you-just do a google search for used shorline kennels for sale, or something like that...I don't find them to be noisy or cold, but I do have grates in the bottoms of them...


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        Stainless cage banks last forever. No reason not to pick them up used. Shorline is the best IMO, and I believe the price difference is mainly due to the thicker and sturdier cage walls.


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          This is exactly the feedback I was looking for but I cannot find any used! I have been searching for months! Shor-line seems to be the way to go but most expensive new.... Suburban Surgical's line seem very similar to Shor-line but slightly cheaper new....